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CH335AHL-K  - Transponder immobilizer with anti hijack function    
CH335AHL-K - Transponder immobilizer with anti hijack function  

  • CHEETAH transponder immobilizer & anti-hijacker system is a innovative, high security, high technology and user friendly anti-theft and anti-hijack device. The system immobilises the vehicle through interrupting the power supply to 3 essential circuits for starting the vehicle.
    To mobilise the vehicle, the system will need to identify the code in the plastic transponder card. Each transponder card is uniquely coded. The code combination is larger than 18,000,000,000 billions. Hence it is almost impossible to break the code by electronic code scanning. The card is batteryless and need no maintenance.
    The anti-hijack function works in such a way that your vehicle will not be driven far away from the spot where you are forced out from your vehicle.
    To make it more difficult for the thief to reconnect the interrupted circuits, the wires from the control box are black in color hence it is difficult for the thief to identify the 3 pairs of wire that break the circuit.
    Made of alloy matel,the case of the system´s controller is hard to break. Therefore the circuit is difficult to tamper with.

  • Brand Name:
  • cheetah

  • Country of Origin:
  • Singapore

  • Key Specifications/Special Features:
  • Anti-code grabbing/scanning

  • 45amp heavy duty power relay (Siemens)

  • Three-way engine immobilization (Ignition Coil, Starter Coil, Fuel)

  • Uses TIRIS system

  • Working temperature: -20°C to +85°C

  • Operating range: up to 60cm

  • Anti-tamper circuit to prevent hot wire

  • Cables of similar appearance to prevent easy identification

  • Service mode

  • Override mode

  • Anti-hijack

  • Primary Competitive Advantages:
  • Reputation

  • Service

  • Experienced Technical Staff

  • Main Export Markets:
  • Worldwide

  • Safety/Quality Approvals Details:
  • TAS(Singapore)

  • ISO 9002(Worldwide)

  • Pimot(Poland)

  • PCT(Russia)
  • QTY