CH6015 - GSM Alarm Upgrade CH6015 - GSM Alarm Upgrade 



  • Keyless entry to alarm upgrade function
    Use existing remote radio keys for aiming / disarming
    Use up to 6-wire to sense vehicle´s lock / unlock to determine system status
    Selectable disarm confirm input from parking light or doom light

  • SMS, DTMF and Caller ID remote commands outputs
    Executes SMS, DTMF and Caller ID recognition remote commands driving automation outputs, central lock and other system resources

  • Programmable Voice alert
    Call out via GSM audio channel and plays 6 audio messages explaining the alarm events(s)
    Playing an audio message by DTMF commands
    Recording an audio message by DTMF commands

  • Selectable and Editable SMS alert
    Send out text SMS with alarm event description if enable
    Edit text SMS with alarm event description by SMS commands

  • 2 Ring Tone Arming
    By Master Caller ID remote commands
    Save phone bill cost

  • Anti-Hijack
    Activate anti-hijack using SMS commands or DTMF commands

  • Poor or no network alert when local armed
    8 warning chirps will sound if poor or not network by using existing remote radio keys when arming the system

  • Smart Foot Brake activated central lock
    In the drive state, the central locking will lock automatically when the foot brake is pressed

  • SOS switch
    When activated, a fix phone number will be call for help

  • User & Feature setting by SMS commands
    No extra cable or PC require for set up
    Easy setting by SMS commands with valid password



  • QTY